B-Movies, Cult Films and Wretched Sleaze

B-Movies, Cult Films and Wretched Sleaze

Read the Introduction to see where I’m coming from. Or just skip right to the genres:

Action – Guns, swords, exploding helicopters and ninjas. Some of the good stuff in life.

Arthouse – The avant garde, the abstract, the head-scratchers and the ground-breakers (in other words, not a lot of exploding helicopters or ninjas here)

Comedy – Dark comedy, light comedy. dry comedy, wet comedy.

Crime and Suspense – This is where you’ll find the noir. Also, gangsters, detectives, rats, hoods, stoolies, fall guys and other doomed souls.

Documentaries – Watch other people live real life so you don’t have to.

Drama – I’m the kind of guy who puts Freaks in the drama section.

Horror – Scary stuff. Slashers! Psychos! Monsters! Ghosts! Sequels! This is our biggest section.

Juvenile Delinquents and Motorcycles – JDs and biker gangs. Switchblades and choppers. ‘Nuff said. They deserve their own section. Also, I could never decide whether to put these in Action or Crime.

Music – Musicals and music-related stuff (music documentaries, however, are in the Documentaries section). It’s not rocket science.

Sci-Fi and Speculation – Now HERE’S some rocket science! Sort of. Sometimes. This section is for future visions. Also, space opera. Technology gone rogue is also here. Most 1950s giant radioactive hamster movies and alien invasion flicks go here, as well. Lasers are optional, but welcome.

Trash – Sexploitation, mostly. Also, where else do you put Reefer Madness? I enjoyed throwing a Kirk Cameron movie in the middle of all of this flesh. More of that to come.

Westerns – Cowboy hats and six-shooters, sometimes with spaghetti, sometimes not. There are 832 million Italian westerns and 71 billion American B-westerns. I intend to get as many of them herded into this corral as I can.

Got a problem with my genre classifications? Let me know. I want to put together a complaint page.