Find My Typos, Win a Vinyl Record

I HATE TYPOS. I try to catch them, but I tend to miss a few here and there.

No one else edits this site. It’s just me and I’m a dope. So, I am asking YOU, dear reader, to alert me of my typos. For every one you find, I will mail you a totally random vinyl record. I don’t care if you live in Montana, in Russia or on Jupiter. I have a big vinyl collection and I want to get rid of most of it. I also want to get rid of typos on this site, so this all works out.

Here’s what you have to do. Send an email to with 1) I FOUND A TYPO, YOU ASSHOLE in all caps in the subject heading, 2) a brief description of the typo, 3) a link to the page and 4) your name and mailing address.


  • Don’t get too nutty about grammar and style. If I split an infinitive, I probably meant to split that son of a bitch. I’m similarly relaxed about ending sentences with prepositions (though I try to tread lightly on that matter). And I’m okay with beginning a sentence with the word “and”.
  • What I’m looking for here are misspellings, missing words, repeated words and wrong words. If I’ve made any REALLY egregious fuck-ups here beyond that though, let me know.
  • If you have strong opinions about Oxford commas, tell somebody else.
  • I get to pick the record that you receive. NO REQUESTS. It might be an LP, it might be a 45. It might be something good, it might be a Little River Band record. My choice, your surprise. Embrace it.
  • Typos on THIS page don’t count.
  • If YOUR e-mail contains a typo, you may be disqualified.

I really do want to fix any typos on this site. I’m not kidding. This post is NOT a joke.

Thanks for playing.


  • Kirk S. from North Olmstead, Ohio for being the first reader to alert me of my blazing incompetence by spotting three typos on the blog.